The Elecdes Design Suite is an award-winning electrical and instrumentation design software that is used by the electrical/instrumentation designer to ensure accurate and fast production of electrical schematics, I&C loops, wiring diagrams and other engineering outputs like, bill of materials and connections lists.

The Elecdes Design Suite is an electrical design software application that is easily the most functional and open E-CAD software available. It is functionally without peer, as it contains tools suited to the diverse range of design sub-disciplines present within the electrical industry and these tools fully encompass the needs of each sub-discipline. In every tool required by the electrical industry there is both variation in functional requirements and standards used, from region to region. EDS allows for this regional variation with its open architecture. These qualities have evolved through 25 years of experience in the electrical market and the feedback of thousands of professionals from many countries. These qualities make the Elecdes Design Suite a premium tool for the discerning electrical professional. Elecdes is an extremely powerful tool for producing 2D electrical and instrumentation diagrams. Elecdes is for use by Power Distribution, Switchgear and Control Systems designers. Elecdes consists of a set of fast tools and comprehensive libraries for use with CAD and Database systems.

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