GstarCAD Limited Time Offer!

GstarCAD is well-known alternative CAD software of high compatibility with ACAD. With nearly 30 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD is far ahead in performance, stability and other key indicators and becomes leading CAD software in the world.

Providing an immediately recognisable and familiar interface, globally standardised tool icons, and incredibly high levels of automated capability, Gstarsoft solutions are rapidly becoming the leading tools of choice across key industries, and key clients, in many well-known design, manufacturing, and engineering operations around the world.

With many of our competitors moving their customers licenses to subscription-based licenses only, now is the time to move to GstarCAD. Our licensing policies remain flexible, you are still able to purchase your license and choose IF and WHEN you want to upgrade!

All of our solutions are available for a 30-day trial period which you can download from our website or email us at for further information.

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