Introduction to GstarCAD Webinar

This webinar is primarily to introduce you to our GstarCAD Professional and GstarCAD Mechanical software packages.

Overall Agenda:

  1. History of GstarCAD
  2. GstarCAD Professional Capabilities and Demonstration
  3. GstarCAD Mechanical Additional Tools and Demonstration
  4. Licensing Options and Pricing
  5. 30-Day Trial Access

Primary Notes for GstarCAD Professional:

  1. Operates like a standard 2D CAD program with all typical commands
  2. Interface and command structure are in line with existing standards/practices
  3. Able to open all common 2D files

Primary Notes for GstarCAD Mechanical:

  1. Tailored to enhance and accelerate common drafting tasks
  2. Provision of automated features, symbols, and libraries
  3. Standardized drawing environments
  4. Suit of new tools

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