GstarCAD Architecture 2018

Built-in architectural custom objects for creating architectural and construction drawings through comprehensive designing, library tools and 3D visualization.

Easy to use

The working flow of GstarCAD Architecture is consistent with the process of architectural design. It is very easy to understand and use.

Parametric design of building components

GstarCAD Architecture adopts advanced GRX and custom object technologies to make design parametric and efficient. By double clicking object and dragging grip points, it is convenient to adjust the geometric shape, position and orientation of any building component to make change and modification.

Create wall, window and door

Create batch of walls from axis grid and insert doors/windows along the walls.

Edit columns, beams and plates

Create and edit columns, beams and plates with specified

Add roof

Provide a variety of rooftop shapes.

Create stairs

Easy and quick to create different types of stairs with handrail.

Section and elevation

Automatically generate 3D building model from plan drawings and elevation and section drawings following specified section lines.

Rich and intelligent annotation tools

A number of powerful dimension functions are available such as door dimension, window schedule and symbol marking.

Door, window and wall tagging

Provide special dimensional annotation functions for door, window, wall and ladder.

One-button window list creation

Automatically counts the number of doors and windows and insert result list form into the drawing.

Room Area

The function of counting room area is widely used in the calculation and approval of residential and public buildings.

Symbol annotation of elevation and indexes

Elevation dimension is applied to site-plan, floor plan, elevation and section as well as the index symbols, visual symbols, compass and cloud line annotation.

Drawing library management

Drawing library is categorized according to types like furniture, landscape, toilet wares. With library management functions it is quick to sort out specific block and insert into drawing.

Draw architectural plan and see 3D model

With custom object technologies, all building components drawn on architectural plan are able to be displayed in 3D model synchronously. It realizes the true integration of 2D and 3D in the design process.

Friendly graphics interface, complete user settings

Folding menu

Folding menu of GstarCAD Architecture helps to quickly locate and call commands.

Right click menu on the screen

Convenient to call common used functions by right clicking on screen.


GstarCAD Architecture supports customizable menus, toolbars, shortcut keys, layer standards, text styles, callout styles, etc.

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