Profilek aids design sanitary installations: heating, water, sewage, mechanical ventilation and other installation types in the CAD environment. An excellent tool for creating longitudinal profiles. All elements inserted by the Profilek are on the organized layers, which makes the drawing legible.

Profilek aids design work:

– It facilitates drawing hydraulic diagrams.

– Accelerates the drawing of longitudinal profiles of installations and external networks.

– Greatly facilitates moving around cad drawings, speeds up copying and moving sanitary elements between storeys of the building.

– Allows it skillfully work management on appropriate layers, accelerates the creation of new layers and their editing.

– Accelerates work on the design of plumbing in buildings thanks to the built-in symbols of sewage devices, the creation of sewage systems is quickly and easier.

– Facilitates and accelerates drawing pipe installations.

– Accelerates drawing and organization of technical infrastructure on land development.

– Makes it easier to describe projects so that the drawings are made professional and quickly.

– And many others amenities.

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